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  • The city is hereby divided into zones, or districts, as shown on the official zoning map which, together with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this ordinance.

    The official zoning map shall be identified by the signature of the mayor attested by the city clerk, and bearing the seal of the city under the following words: "This is to certify that this is the official zoning map of the City of Tuscumbia, Alabama," together with the date of the adoption of this ordinance.

    No changes of any nature shall be made in the official zoning map or matter shown thereon except in conformity with the procedures set forth in this ordinance. Any unauthorized change of whatever kind by any person or persons shall be considered a violation of this ordinance and punishable as provided under section 7.

    Regardless of the existence of purported copies of the official zoning map which may from time to time be made or published, the official zoning map which shall be located in the office of the city clerk shall be the final authority as to the current zoning status of land and water areas, buildings, and other structures in the city.