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    Visbility at intersections in residential districts. On a corner lot in any residential district, nothing shall be erected, placed, planted, or allowed to grow in such a manner as materially to impede vision between a height of two and one-half (2½) and ten (10) feet above the centerline grades of the intersecting streets in the area bounded by the street lines of such corner lots and a line joining points along said street lines fifty (50) feet from the point of intersection.


    Accessory buildings. No accessory building shall be erected in any required front or side yard, and no separate accessory building shall be erected within five (5) feet of any other building.


    Erection of more than one principal structure on a lot. In any district, more than one (1) structure housing a permitted or permissible principal use may be erected on a single lot, provided that yard and other requirements of this ordinance shall be met for each structure as though it were on an individual lot.


    Exceptions to height regulations. The height limitations contained in the schedule of district regulations do not apply to spires, belfries, cupolas, antennas, water tanks, ventilators, chimneys, or other appurtenances usually required to be placed above the roof level and not intended for human occupancy.


    Structures to have access. Every building hereafter erected or moved shall be on a lot adjacent to a public street, or with access to an approved private street, and all structures shall be so located on lots as to provide safe and convenient access for servicing, fire protection, and required off-street parking.


    Parking, storage or use of major recreational equipment. For purposes of these regulations, major recreational equipment is defined as including boats and boat trailers, travel trailers, pick-up campers or coaches (designed to be mounted on automotive vehicles), motorized dwellings, tent trailers, and the like, and cases or boxes used for transporting recreational equipment, whether occupied by such equipment or not. No major recreational equipment shall be parked or stored on any lot in a residential district except in a carport or enclosed building or behind that portion of a house furthermost from any street and set back at least ten (10) feet from the property line. However, such equipment may be parked on residential premises for a time not to exceed twenty-four (24) hours during loading or unloading.

    (Ord. of 10-6-81)


    Parking and storage of certain vehicles. Automotive vehicles or trailers of any kind or type without current license plates shall not be parked or stored on any residentially zoned property other than in completely enclosed buildings.