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  • In the event that it becomes necessary to reduce the employee staff because of reduction in work, reduction in funds, or in the interest of economy, the following procedures will apply:


    To the extent possible the reduction in work force will be accomplished through attrition; that is, unfilled vacancies will only be filled by existing employees; no new employees will be recruited.


    Non-permanent employees will be terminated to the extent feasible.


    Permanent employees will be terminated based on a combination of seniority, job classification, and proven efficiency.


    An employee considered for termination shall have the option of continuing employment in a lower job classification for which they are qualified and where such employee has seniority over another employee of lesser seniority.


    An employee terminated or reduced as a result of a reduction in force shall have the option of being considered for employment in the next available vacancy or to the position from which terminated or reduced if such is reinstated.


    Employees affected by reduction in force shall be given a minimum of fifteen (15) days' notice.

(Ord. No. 07-0702, 7-2-2007)