§ VIII. Recruitment And Selection  

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  • A. Recruitment process

    Position vacancies which cannot be filed from among all existing employees will be announced on a area-wide basis. Such announcements will be filed with employment services, news media and posted on bulletin boards within city hall. The notice of announcement will plainly state the position being advertised, the qualifications required of the position, the salary range of the position, and the recruitment closing date.

    The city is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity and has adopted an affirmative action plan (AAP) which describes in detail how equal opportunities will be provided for all employees and job applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. A copy of this plan is included as Attachment A to this document. As a part of the AAP, the city council will appoint a department head to act as the equal employment opportunity (EEO) officer who is responsible to the mayor for assuring that the provisions of the plan are implemented. This officer must be knowledgeable of employment law as it pertains to municipal workers and must be willing to continue training to remain abreast of those laws. Employees are encouraged to counsel with the EEO officer on matters of discrimination and all other matters pertaining to equal opportunities.

    B. Selection Process

    Applications for vacant positions will be filed in chronological order as they are received. All applicants who meet the minimum requirements of the advertised position will be interviewed by the department head and the civil service board for the position. The minimum age for employment as a probationary employee shall be eighteen (18) years of age. The minimum age for employment of seasonal employees shall be sixteen (16) years of age. Appointments and promotions to all classified positions shall be solely on the basis of merit, which shall be determined by evaluation of the applicant's (1) training, education, experience and physical fitness, (2) oral interview and (3) whenever practical, an examination or demonstration performance test. Reference checks will be made on finalists for the position. Responses to reference checks will be treated as privileged information available only to the civil service board, and department manager in consideration of the applicant. Department Heads will make a recommendation to the civil service board of their selection. The civil service board will consider the department head's recommendation when making a selection. A letter will be prepared and sent to the selected applicant outlining the formal job offer once approved by the city council. It is the policy of the city that no two (2) members of an immediate family relationship shall be employed within a given department. This policy will become effective upon approval by the council; however, existing situations as of the date of approval are exempt from this policy.

(Ord. No. 07-0702, 7-2-2007)