§ 19. Control of waterworks, gas or other utilities if acquired by the City of Tuscumbia.  

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  • Should the City of Tuscumbia in the future purchase, construct, or acquire a municipal water system, a municipal gas system, or any other public utility, the board created by this Act shall control, manage, and operate such municipally-owned utility; it shall have full authority to employ and discharge a manager for the same, and to employ and discharge, or authorize such manager to employ and discharge, all such additional employees as may be needed to properly operate such utility; to operate it and collect all charges for services; it shall deposit all funds derived from the operation of such utility in the city depository and shall pay out the same in accordance with any contract or contracts the city council of the City of Tuscumbia may make in acquiring the said utility or in acquiring funds for building or purchasing the same and shall operate such utility economically and pay the net revenues of such utility to the City of Tuscumbia quarterly.