§ 9. Authority and duties of the board.  

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  • The board shall have complete control of the public utilities owned by the City of Tuscumbia, and as a part thereof it shall have authority to employ, upon terms to be fixed by the board, but in no event for a term exceeding one year, and to discharge with or without cause, managers, cashiers, clerks, stenographers, attorneys, linemen, repairmen, laborers, and such other employees as are necessary for the operation of the utility. It shall have the power and authority and it shall be its duty to charge for and collect all accounts due for any service which the utility may furnish to its customers, upon rates to be provided and approved by the city council of the City of Tuscumbia, Alabama. The board shall have the right to delegate to any manager which it may employ the authority to employ and discharge employees which may be needed; to direct their work and to manage, control and operate the public utility of the City of Tuscumbia of which he is the manager, and to account to the board for his acts in so doing, but his authority shall be restricted as the authority of the board is restricted in this Act.