§ 29. Miscellaneous Provisions.  

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  • (a)

    When not otherwise prescribed herein, all matters herein required to be filed with the city shall be filed with the commission.


    The grantee shall provide, without charge, one (1) outlet for one (1) television set to include basic service only to each governmental office building, fire station, police station, church and public and private school building within the city that is passed by its cable.


    The grantee will provide such facilities and channels for public access cablecasting as are required by the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.


    In case of any emergency or disaster, the grantee shall, upon request of the city, make available its facilities to the city for reasonable emergency use during the emergency or disaster period. The grantee shall in no way be held liable for any injury suffered by the city or any person during any emergency if for any reason the city is unable to make full use of the cable television system as contemplated herein.