§ 2-1. Departments of city.  

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  • There shall be the following departments of the city, each under the jurisdiction of a member of the city council:


    Public Safety and Public Health.


    Streets, Parks, Municipal and Public Property and Municipal and Public Improvements.


    Accounts, Finances and Public Affairs.

(Res. of 10-2-79; Ord. No. A-43, 5-6-86; Ord. No. A-59, § 1, 5-17-88)

State law reference

City departments, Code of Ala. 1975, § 11-44-29.

Editor's note

Nonamendatory Ord. No. A-43, adopted May 6, 1986, enumerated the three departments to which administrative and executive powers and duties are distributed. At the discretion of the editor, said enumeration has been included herein as amending subsections (1)—(3) of § 2-1 which subsections formerly set out the departments of the city ((1) Parks, Recreation, Finance, Utilities and Public Property; (2) Streets and Sanitation; (3) Public Safety).