§ 2-3. Code enforcement.  

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    Authority of officers. Any city employee who is designated a code enforcement officer by the department head of the below-listed city departments is hereby authorized to issue a citation or summons to persons found by him to be in violation of the particular code or codes or ordinances enforced by the employee's department. Said citation or summons shall order said person to appear in municipal court at a date and time certain to answer the charge against him; said listed departments being as follows:


    Building department.


    City revenue department.


    Contents of citation. Each citation or summons shall:


    Be in writing.


    State the name of the accused.


    State the address of the accused, if known.


    State the offense charged.


    Set forth the date and time the accused is to appear in municipal court.


    Set forth the address of the municipal court.


    Be signed by the officer issuing or serving the citation.


    Set forth a warning in bold type that wilful failure to appear as directed is a misdemeanor and that a warrant for failure to appear will be issued in such an event.


    Duty of accused to appear. A citation or summons delivered to or served upon a person accused or committing a violation or offense in violation of a city ordinance shall place a duty upon such person to appear in municipal court at the time and date indicated thereon and it shall be unlawful for any such person to fail to appear as directed in said citation or summons.

    Failure to appear at the time and date directed shall be prima facie evidence of a wilful failure to appear, and the court may cause a warrant to be issued for the accused on a failure to appear charge.


    Authority deemed cumulative. The provisions of this section are cumulative with previously granted authority in other ordinances and this section does not restrict any previously granted authorization to issue citations or summons.

(Ord. No. A-33, §§ 1—4, 11-16-82)

Editor's note

Ord. No. A-33, enacted Nov. 16, 1982, did not specifically amend this Code; hence, codification of the substantive provisions of §§ 1—4 of said ordinance as § 2-3 is at the discretion of the editor.